Fearless Promotional Risk Brokers

It’s estimated that 95% of insurance cover is set up through an agency so the client doesn’t get ‘best value’

The promotional risk insurance market is dominated by in-experienced agencies brokering cover on behalf of clients…

It’s not…their speciality

It’s not…something they can negotiate

It’s not…something they offer good value on

What we offer:

  • Promotional risk management & consultancy
  • Market leading pricing & understanding of the real risks
  • Over 20 years combined marketing experience with top-tier brands
  • Understanding of the development process & where real value is added
  • FSA & BPMA approved suppliers

The benefit to you:

  • Marketing budget utilised in priority areas, NOT covering fees
  • Better campaign & business ROI
  • A better, tighter, more consumer-led promotion mechanic
  • Fast & efficient risk set up & delivery with agency partners
  • Continuity, refinement & enhancement over time

How much could you be saving?

Request a FREE AUDIT of your last promotion. We'll simply explain how you could have made a significant saving on your promotion & advise a number of promotional mechanic enhancements.

FSA accredited supplier network

We don’t compromise on quality to get you the best promotion cover for the best price.

At Fearless Promotional Risk Brokers, we use a broad network of trusted suppliers to deliver the very best quality promotion; set up, management, analysis & costing.

Our model is unique & re-engineers the value chain, putting the understanding, negotiation, power & promotion insight with the client.